art, which is to say, work. [000]

‘graphic design’ as self-contained noun (?) [000]

ppl eat up nostalgia [000]

id rather be a practicing designer than a professional designer. [000]

did i sign up for an office job or a fellowship? [000]

everything pales in comparison [000]

expand ur mind bro [000]

reject photoshop slavery! [000]

*machines* [000]

think inside out [000]

tally essin [000]

hella grateful i didnt go to a design school [000]

east coast puppies [000]

the altoids big mints r so chalky i feel like im taking drugs every day after lunch [000]

note to self: Salman Rushdie [000]

‘in fairness’ [000]

you give yourself away in everything you do. [000]

everything is a statement [000]

i have to live with everything i do for the rest of my life. [000]

to make work that i can live with is the ultimate happiness (+ suffering) [000]

i believe in language (do u) [000]

the 120F heat cannot melt me but extremely fluffy puppies can (just did) [000]

are you what you want to be? [000]

a multiplicity of opposites [000]

since when does quiet==shy [000]



kinda funny how the only (ONLY) Asian dude i’ve met out here is our IT guy [000]

made a new friend yesterday; her name is bubbe [000]

plain af [000]

do not google image search ‘scorpion’ while living in the desert unless you want to cry [000]

you should always do the things you think you should do (said karel martens) [000]

a boring corporate job that doesn’t even pay well is the purest waste of time available to humankind. [000]

note to self: the shape of time by kubler [000]

watching david talk abt making work, at work, while half-pretending to do work, and thinking abt non-work work. UGH [000]

do not settle [000]

expectations here are too low for me how do i raise them [000]



brb lunch break [000]

i rly need to parameterize this problem. [000]

must do efficient ‘work’ so i can sustain my life as an after-hours book fiend in this amazing af library [000]

bloggers apologizing to their readers for posting irregularly pls calm tf down. [000]

im physically incapable of doing things i dont want to do [000]

someone pls publish this posthumously + while you’re at it pls burn everything else i’ve written [000]

if you’re reading this + i’ve recently died, know that i’d like to be cremated [000]

turn my ashes into ink and print a book with it [000]

suddenly you’re an artist [000]

note to self: milton glaser [000]

[a sticker that reads: good job] [000]

i dont want to work in an office environment [000]

what can graphic design be [000]

i want to start handing out manifestos [000]

every atom in me misses 201 [000]

forward movement [000]

sometimes i want to cry i can never figure out why [000]

like a young child with warm milk [000]

i’ll never forget class day when joe told my parents not to worry bc im tough + i wanted to cry [000]

he also told me he never got his mfa + i wanted to hug him [000]

pls xcuse me while i start a rebellion from my office desk [000]

‘what do u do when not at work?’ ‘i work.’
‘i exist.’ [000]

running, reading, writing, working, thinking abt making work, actually making work, making art, doing design, wasting time—this is all work. [000]

it’s pedagogical. [000]

bubbes make the world go around [000]

fishinesses [000]

remember when mom used to take me to the library? [000]

skepticism v. cynicism [000]


hustle like your life depends on it. [000]

i would like to complain abt how god-awful social media is for almost (almost) everything [000]

her customers privileged predictability over creativity [000]

DOGMA [000]

if i have to design another print ad i might die [000]

el oh fucking el [000]


try on something for size [000]


‘it’s not art—it’s a logo.’ (omfg) [000]


the kind of guy who reads sontag [000]

powerful, wealthy, educated, sophisticated, cultured, charismatic, generous, knowledgable, caring middle-aged white men. [000]

to be an artist in the working world [000]

‘it’s abt knowing your audience’—as an artist i frankly dont give a damn abt my audience (re: email etiquette) [000]

artists supporting artists [000]

‘artist and educator’—joe’s airbnb bio line (also, life goals?) [000]

good won’t get you anywhere. [000]

fuck capitalism in the workplace (is that what im even trying to say?) [000]

ppl doing favors for ppl [000]

i am a graphic designer on a leash + that’s what makes me so unhappy. i don’t want to work for u—i want to work for graphic design. [000]

here, i am not a graphic design studio. much to my own downfall. [000]

i hate bureaucracy so much i can’t even describe—jesus fucking christ [000]

‘i just want to retire.’ i truly hope i never have to utter those words ever in my life [000]

my hourly wage is $9.62 [000]

i do not design to please—i design things that are beautiful and appropriate. [000]


a prolific day for analog tweeting at work [000]

real-time documentation of my real-time thoughts in a timeless medium (pen and ink) [000]

when the fuck is peter coming back? [000]

society is hard [000]

‘we will cook amazing things and go ride bikes!’ —boog [000]

note to self: in all outward communication refer to this only as a fellowship. particularly internally. [000]

‘Today, I came to terms with the fact that my company name is not you abbreviating about’—THANK YOU DEAR CLAIRE [000]

choose your words carefully [000]

do not choose your words carefully [000]

i am a lot less naive, a lot less gullible, and a lot less ‘shy’ than everyone here fucking assumes.—said all the world’s youth, plus me. [000]

non-public manifestos as a medium to explore [000]

outline your frustrations NOW write manifestos NOW make a website NOW [000]

to be bored at your day-job is the worst thing to have happened to humanity [000]

goal: never be bored [000]

bored ≠ restless
restless ≠ bored [000]

i’m just a kid [000]

i think i spend too much time inside of me [000]

i need to sleep less [000]

wtf isn’t work [000]

i miss that martin creed book [000]

i miss crits [000]

i miss mumble [000]

i hate all drivers [000]

seriously love flying [000]

‘Still seems committed to revealing the physical, emotional, and even psychological effects of hard work.’ [000]

verticality as man’s defiance of gravity [000]

life is tragic [000]

life is magnificent [000]

how many strokes does it take to constitute a painting, an artist? [000]

lol, if you think i can’t crunch numbers beacuse i’m an artist [000]

note to self: learn how to crunch numbers [000]

note to self: be hella proud of your education [000]

to actively produce silence [000]

‘The ambition of the scale was architectural.’ —serra on ellsworth kelly’s colors for a large wall (1951) [000]

do not compromise [000]

someone @ dinner just said i have the willpower of a steel bean. inside was like, damn straight. outside was like, lol not true lol. [000]

do u think if i could control my laughter ppl would take my words more srsly [000]

carrying around little shards of notes with the goal of creating— [000]

overheard at the office, ‘print is a dying medium’ [000]


‘that’s kind of you to say.’ [000]

seinfeld is amazing bc of its cultural relevance [000]

shamelessly eating indian food + watching gilmore girls bc idgaf [000]

what is pleasure / what is the point of pleasure? [000]

today is the first day of school at princeton [000]

everything seems rather pointless suddenly [000]

i prefer designing in a democracy [000]

running is passing through space and time [000]

running is an inherent good [000]

today, for the first time in ages, i broke out in a smile at the start of my run yes yes YES we’re back together again [000]

is the city a distraction? [000]

capitalist at heart [000]

FUCK OFF [000]

aesthetics of knowledge production [000]

an extended sense of urgency [000]

what is your happiness tied to? [000]

you just feel what you feel [000]

‘With the nation at war, I went to an art fair.’ [000]

‘Neeta Patel, (Ana)chronologist’ [000]

if i were to die rn i’d be OK w it [000]

some pton prof just won the nobel prize in physics. wow, i used to be at the same institution as literal genius. [000]

i feel insignificant [000]

potential name for my potential dog: dexter [000]

angles can be friendly too [000]

use words explain yourself answer your emails busy is not an excuse holy fuck [000]

pls xcuse me while i miss u so much that i want 2 rip my heart out of my chest and send it 2 outer space, never 2 return fuck fuck f u c k [000]

i prefer the company of ‘odd ducks’ actually, thx tho [000]

i forgot how europeans say ‘making pictures’ i like that [000]

wow it’s already 11 [000]

time flies when you’re buzzed [000]

haven’t tweeted so freely in months [000]

u r kidding urself [000]

today i shared a coffee and (not) a cigarette w a swiss dude out on the office porch tbh have experienced nothing like it since moving here. [000]

pls help me stop longing for you. [000]

money motivates [000]

i want to go to a party i want to get down [000]

i miss mumble intensely—imagine a heart as a bottomles pit; she could fill it infinitely. [000]

you are allowed to change your mind—actually, it’s probably good that you do. [000]

consider everything [000]

so u do the graphics here? u went to school for that? —jesus fucking christ [000]

do u have to remind me, i can torture myself thank you v much [000]

go take ur dumbass ignorant ideas abt what makes a good education or life or career somewhere else bc im finished listening, peace. [000]

blame it on my youth [000]

flying by the seat of our pants over here + i dont like it re: quarterly [000]

nothing like being a addressed in writing as ‘Nina’ by MB to make you feel insignificant af [000]

the future of design ? the current state of design ? [000]

do i suddenly find myself more comfortable w the definition of art over design? [000]

nah [000]

what does it mean for a circle to be empty, for a circle to be full? [000]

‘please go fuck yourself’ [000]

god help me and this quarterly [000]

practice letting go of assumptions [000]

the world of the designer / the world of design [000]


fuck me it’s friday [000]

a song just asked me if i believe in love, and i was like, LOL excellent Q. [000]

i refuse to enter ur preconceived notions of the real world [000]

nothing like getting stood up on a scheduled phone call with MB to make you feel insiginificant af [000]

schools are places where ppl can feel empowered [000]

i now have both a studio desk and an office desk—yes, it makes a difference [000]

the shit i say at work bc it’s what ppl expect to hear, i’m appalled at myself. [000]

today someone literally told me that graphic design is marketing, that’s what it is! [000]

i wish i had the words [000]

labels are annoying. [000]

student unrest [000]


‘What is shown cannot be said.’ —Wittgenstein [000]

redefining yourself is exhausting work [000]

i just want to make things man [000]


feeling stagnant af [000]

like WTF (WTF) r u waiting 4?! [000]


words have shapes [000]

get inventive! [000]

you are a machine [000]

can a moment last five years? [000]

layout till u die [000]

what’s everyone’s problem with hypens---goddamn! [000]

i’m never procrastinating again [000]

abt to start murderously cutting through every layer of bureaucratic bullshit here, woo! (all for gd—and me) [000]

wow i miss those tues mtgs w david so much—how to move fwd from here?? [000]

emphasis on production [000]

institutional identity [000]

undoctrinated [000]

time is a bitch [000]

i am ENTRENCHED in layers of bullshit not worth my time [000]

i’m tired can’t you tell [000]

fuck every relationship i’ve wanted w u [000]

i’m sick of myself for putting up w so much bullshit [000]

sick of older white men right now [000]

sick of everything right now [000]

used to live in this utopia called spelman 45 where we would make each other coffee in the mornings [000]

i should get out and explore more [000]

the way mom and dad used to drive us around to look at all the christmas lights in the neighborhood at night [000]

now what? [000]

cult of the male genius [000]

designers speaking amongst themselves... [000]

unbelievably frustrated/ashamed by my lack of critical educated engagement w the world, the country, my supposed discipline, the discourse [000]

i miss school. [000]

do i miss school? [000]

we seek the company of others [000]


you have a whole life behind you that i know nothing about. [000]

in preparation for a joyous family wedding, am trying on traditional dresses + infuriated that every one of my options requires me to reveal [000]

1/3 of my body. yes, cultural traditions are valuable, but also 21ST CENTURY and I’M NOT OF THIS CULTURE, RLY and MY ENTIRE CLAN OF MALE COU [000]


had a super solid run this morn, so it’s a great day! [000]

LOL tried having conversation abt arch poster w a critic, a designer, and a marketing guy (separately)—so cray, the ideological boundaries [000]

politics of time (my time) [000]

when i listen to myself speak (smile + nod) in the office i could shoot myself omfg [000]

an artist + a businessman go to a bar... [000]

defending art in the face of business as usual [000]

if you use the word heady one more time I WILL FUCK YOU UP. [000]

the gallery as a one-way street [000]

lol incompetence reeks [000]

fuck decoration [000]

saw kehinde wiley show + wanted to make a photo series right then + there of all these upper middle class well-dressed white people (myself [000]

included??) behind their rose gold iphones taking pictures of the immaculately rendered other while making passing comments like ‘such wonde [000]

rful technique!’ and ‘what skill!’ and missing the entire fucking point. also re: female portraits, can we objectify beauty any more?! re: [000]

women of color’s beauty portrayed in mass media as fierce, aggressive, angry, tribal, ethnic (whatever tf that means). like a brand identity [000]

am becoming too attached to p must chill [000]

drop all your pretension [000]

i’d like to write a manifesto on design called ‘what software do you use?’ [000]

designer as organizer [000]

fugitive fridays [000]

work v. portfolio ? [000]

every shape has a history [000]

guardians of the ID ugh [000]

it is the kind of morning here—grey, wet, ‘cold,’ irritable—that demands a cup of shitty dining hall coffee, bc shitty coffee has an aesthet [000]

ic, too, & so i find myself running back and forth from the office to the eternally brewing architecture school coffee pot, while muttering [000]

under my breath. [000]

he likes intelligence [000]


structural inefficiency [000]

fuck everyone and all their goddamn incompetence jesus god [000]

missing princeton [000]

today on ‘how to deal with authority’ [000]

take me to the kunstverein [000]

it’s funny how quickly we forget every last detail [000]

woke up infuriated fuck this [000]

you cannot afford my time [000]

smells like spring this morning and i miss princeton dearly [000]

materials can speak [000]

are you sexually frustrated? [000]

as if ppl more or less aren’t just looking to surround themselves with interesting enough conversationalists to entertain themselves [000]

drinking coffee that tastes / feels like mud. [000]

actually cannot stand the air you expel [000]

just want to produce fuck this [000]

a one-computer work ideology [000]

art with a capital A [000]

platonic is my middle name. [000]

‘write to us for little booklets’ —1904 advert LOL [000]

your superiority complex can go fuck itself k. [000]

medium of the lecture [000]

the way david used to demand that i fill things up, cover the walls with evidence of production [000]

‘has your life changed in the past few months?’ he asked me. ‘your aesthetic? your art? your heart?’ [000]

emotionally unavailable [000]

to lead a quiet existence [000]

haven’t eaten a mango in way too long [000]

rationality is not always a part of my practice [000]

kindness permeates [000]

what are genres tho [000]

complicate your life [000]

relentless [000]

to be guided by your own current interests [000]

tired of society telling me what design is [000]

refuse to believe in malicious undercurrent of architecture world [000]

taliesin west
fucking gorgeous place to live
now go back to work [000]

incompetence reeks [000]

banging my head against a metaphorical wall [000]

i feel like a prostitute of design in this office chair [000]

currently my entire life is one compromise after another [000]

the office environment is, in a single word, crippling. [000]


god, it is so glorious out ! [000]

if looks could kill— [000]

concessions and compromises [000]

the public imagination [000]

i want to be a type designer [000]

every architecture has an argument [000]

a believer’s building [000]

just listened to eric owen moss lecture and contrasted what he spends 8 hrs/day thinking about and what im forced to spend 40 hrs/wk doing [000]

now wondering what to do with this information [000]

at a coffee shop and this is like culture shock [000]

the cold, commercial measure [000]

my continuing education [000]

i’d like to be able to live with myself [000]

to be fair-minded [000]

every minute of every day [000]

the air feels like princeton in the summertime + i desperately want to do princeton-in-the-summertime things (read, coffee, run, make, walk) [000]

the day has come when i yearn for the weekends, so help me god (HELP YOURSELF) [000]

i am totally settling wtf is wrong w/ me [000]

‘You are skilled and talented and young and bright and accredited. The world wishes it were you.’ —Paul Ford, Timeframes [000]

filled w desperate sense of urgency and undirected optimism [000]

reading as co-creation [000]

haven’t run in ten days what am i doing fucking hell [000]

get out of your head [000]


to commit something to pen and paper [000]

‘this looks like a mistake’—if u say this 1 more time i will fuck you up—am fine w negative rxn/crit (in fact, i ask for it) to my work, it [000]

is not always good but to say MISTAKE implies you already know what the thing is supposed 2 look like so why am i here [000]

to execute [000]

please expand your goddamn mind [000]

today is april 11 [000]

the loss of what could have been [000]

there’s some long german word for this kind of thing [000]

verlustdessenhattekonnen ? [000]

quiet affection v. roaring passion [000]

tenuous [000]

someone light a fire under my ass [000]

the breath of life [000]

just said goodbye to effi, to companionship [000]

again [000]

a little tired of being in transit [000]

you are a fraud [000]

hollow, sickly ironic words [000]

don’t be a suit [000]

tbh abt one step away from applying to architecture school [000]

i admire the students here, i admire their relentless dedication to a practice, growth, to education + i want that again [000]

the thrill of relentless practice [000]

status update: sleep-deprived and wired...def a state to explore [000]

i am an excited ball of energy ready to explode [000]

for the love of music! [000]

9:30 pm and doing shots (of espresso) [000]

a keen observer w a point-of-view [000]


life rolls on [000]

to steel oneself / to steal oneself [000]

a deep disdain [000]

loosen your tongue [000]

to let my youth burst through the facade of my being [000]

emotional outbursts [000]

i believe in schools, in a way i don’t believe in most other money-making machines [000]

ppl 2b silly w/ [000]

the long avenue of time [000]

i pretended a detachment i didn’t have [000]

a deep-seated insecurity [000]

fuck me + fuck young love [000]

i’m just chillin’ / legs be killin’ [000]

how many ppl have u offended this month? [000]

understood. [000]

my fingers want to type [000]

feelings are the worst [000]

to want a friendship that’s both at the speed of the 18th century and at the speed of the 21st [000]

love seems so frivolous in the face of all the work there is to be done [000]

i would like to marry a philosopher, someone sensitive to the imminent plight of man [000]

it’s nice to be touched, to be told nice things, so i pay for it with my feigned attachment [000]

architecture of the sandwich [000]

a heightened awareness of my very real very physical edges [000]

i want to disconnect and disengage from all [000]

But how does knowing a lot about, say, anthropology make one a more productive worker? [000]

idgaf abt brand [000]

the text is not hard to read, just please let your brain bend a little [000]

my work + myself + my output is my brand and that is all, i’m not about to spend all this time and energy into marketing a brand and identit [000]

y that is nothing more than a digital image of myself inflated by likes and shares [000]


the thing is: IM NOT TRYING TO SELL MYSELF [000]

tired of understanding ppl’s neeed for absolute clarity [000]

the values i project do not align with the values of my nonexistent practice [000]

euphoria at sunny’s commencement [000]

i have turned into a self-indulgent beast [000]

my heart hurts [000]

the phone is the most underused technology of them all [000]

go fight win [000]

to design in order to see [000]

‘seeing is knowing is making’ [000]

ask me if i give a fuck [000]

OLD HABITS DIE HARD (memo from studio at midnight on a monday) [000]

‘good design makes you wonder’ [000]

to be working again, thinking by producing—what a thrill [000]

note 2 self: do not compartmentalize [000]

‘the very anchor of my hopes for design as that which might allow me to construct some sense of what it means to be human’ [000]

do i construct/create meaning or discover it? [000]

lol at the way the design book section bleeds into the diy mason jar section at the public library [000]

to refer to design as a noun has always confused me [000]

‘To be human is to struggle with the unknowable. To design is to make things knowable.’ —Jessica Helfand [000]

a house that paints itself [000]

flw and the dotted line [000]

there is an urgency about us [000]

am literally held to a double standard and the only thing i can think of is to just work more work harder [000]

‘is corporate ish but very positive and well compensated’ [000]

proto dhai [000]

i want my time back [000]


gravity and levity [000]

what does it mean to be a ‘princeton girl’? [000]

solid walls of text [000]

‘princeton university assuages its guilty conscious with MONEY’ [000]

i don’t give a fuck [000]

michael bierut instagrammed a fluffy little puppy and i basically died [000]

one day i will have a puppy and we will be very happy together [000]

god i miss my friends [000]

don’t trust your dreams [000]

what a feeble attempt at institutional critique (re: the whole world + the work) [000]

people are hard [000]

honestly the most euphoric days of my life so far have been waking up at 5am to run in the dark winter desert, and staying up till the early [000]

hours of the a.m. working on seemingly pointless shit in 185 [000]

i want to be in the urban again i want to commute on my bike i want to hear my shoes on the pavement i want to be surrounded by strangers i w [000]

ant to be around anyone at all anyone but me [000]

what a paradox you’ve placed me in [000]

i want to dance myself clean of all emotional output [000]

revelation: this year to some level has resulted in a loss of critical engagement with the things i produce [000]

what are you working on? a dumbass powerpoint that’s about ten levels below my paygrade, except that my paygrade is that of a slave’s [000]

my favorite librarian just invited me to the stacks, life made [000]

my books protect me [000]

simon + garfunk to the rescue [000]

since my heart feels like its gonna give out any second, might as well get over my fear of swimming this week too [000]

my friends enrich my life [000]

snatch time [000]

‘a good photo u can see; a great photo u can feel.’ —a. pielage [000]

unapologetically me [000]


‘how was ur morning?’ ‘it started with a dead bat and sort of stayed that way.’ [000]

THERE IS SO MUCH LIFE TO BE HAD how will i ever find it in me to sleep?! fuck [000]

chugging coffee like a gilmore girl [000]

i step outside for a shot of coffee the way others step outside for a cigarette break [000]

i feel like something’s wrong with me // i can’t get enough of this land [000]

am sitting across from a guy who uses the word crickey casually—im in love [000]

i am a blank canvas. you are lucio fontana. [000]

bless all the writers out there giving form to feeling with the english language [000]

wood as the protagonist to the narrative of american architecture [000]

jumping from history and theory, straight into technique and making (pedagogical aspirations) [000]

haptic learning [000]

sweat equity [000]

the exchange between the deep history of a material and its contemporary condition [000]

throw shit up confront it every day [000]

just used the words grace and poise to describe a fucking typeface to myself so yeah, i’m in this pretty deep [000]

preprocessing processing postprocessing [000]

the ability to make new friends that i love deeply still exists as evidenced in its early stages by stuart from chicago [000]

allow me to collect for you links to all my favorite sites and we can mine their eerily similar aesthetics: printed matter, the Whitney, chi [000]

cago biennial, mgmt [000]

to be in dialogue [000]

gravitas [000]

just walked up some stairs that reminded me of the ivy league [000]

why do i like the things i like? [000]

sometimes i really hate connectivity [000]

this morning effi told me i run like an ethiopian and i basically died of happiness [000]

ideological echo chamber [000]

our self-possessed times [000]

i walk home under the clear night sky, the full moon casting shadows of the cornfields on my path, gravel and dirt crunching under my feet. [000]

i look up i see the stars fill the night sky, i see meteors blazing their fleeting trails, i feel the cool brisk air, i breathe nothing but [000]

this earth in through my nose through my body, i feel nothing but the possibilities of this planet, and yet all i can do is stop and think o [000]

f you. [000]

maximum potential [000]

running is WORK [000]

about to move to philly + start a studio called unemployed designers guild [000]

judicious af [000]

this landscape seriously encourages idleness [000]

that time i got down on the dance floor in detroit w vinca kruk and was like, YES THIS IS EVERYTHING THIS IS LIFE [000]

visual metaphors be damned [000]

sometimes you just need to jump into a deep hole, a get shit done, get messy, deep dive hole [000]

the unexamined life: a tragedy [000]

intellectual incest [000]

humans are hell [000]

i don’t want to belong to anybody but myself [000]

that i’ve been able to use a 15,000 piece print publication as a learning tool in design/typography/best (worst?) practices has been beyond [000]

incredible [000]

she’s a flirt, intellectually speaking [000]

perpetual friday [000]

the ecstasy of being alive [000]

i want to get technical [000]

mostly want to scream FUCK U to your face but that’s being inconsiderate and demon-like [000]

‘It’s twenty times better to be friends with someone than it is to be in love with them.’ TOU-FUCKING-CHÉ [000]

just had to force quit indesign YESSS KILLIN’ IT [000]

we must fight the establishment! —minerva montooth [000]

I AM SUPER ASS BUSY. (t-shirt potential!) [000]

to roar through life [000]

like, sometimes i just can’t handle ppl’s verbosity + incompetence [000]


the antagonism is high [000]

missing pton tremendously today [000]

even spring green has hipsters [000]

vindictive af [000]

take me back to that studio grind (purpose) [000]

architecture as the next great frontier [000]

what is this life but a vast sequence of misjudgements [000]


attraction is a game [000]

i want to do something important [000]

you can do a thing and then you can do it well [000]

i always want to read abt the totally deprived or the insanely gifted, never anything as mundane as reality [000]

that was unfair and far too reductive [000]

minor crisis of faith over here reviewing incoming fellowship apps [000]

as an agent of culture, do you have more freedom to bend societal norms or something, what’s the limit? [000]

consumption is a drag [000]

i miss east coast urban sidewalks [000]

sometimes as a designer i feel like a fraud, only ever scratching the surface of all these esteemed disciplines, knowing nothing really [000]

the desert offered me a very generous very luxurious experience of both space and time that a place like nyc can only reject. [000]

fuck wednesdays [000]

an angst that stems from not really knowing what you want anymore [000]

democratizing democracy [000]

without the documentation, am i even a designer? [000]

go fuck yourself tho [000]

obsession [000]

remember what it feels like to be obsessed [000]

tactical urbanism [000]

the velocity of life [000]

boxes are coffins + labels are gravestones [000]

drench me in semisweet belgian chocolate and name me perfection [000]

we like to be around people who remind us of who we really are [000]


fuck this deep-seated insecurity and everything it stands for [000]

fuck the whitney is hiring a graphic designer [000]

what am i doing? [000]

MFA—>Midnight Funk Association [000]

my life as an ornamental desert hermit [000]

gettin my EDM on this week [000]

i’m having so much fun coding this weekend omg lol [000]

the foolishness of everyday life [000]

service as a form of love [000]

remember when mom took me to sign up for my first library card? [000]

i don’t want to go to a brand university and be a bankrupt MFA customer [000]

crisis of faith this fine morn [000]



‘go fuck urself’ is how i’ve felt abt u lately, what a goddamn shame [000]

the time we shared + wove together now feels like a dream—distant, unreal, vague, unimaginably beautiful, and absolutely unattainable [000]

uncomplicated affection [000]

see if i give a flying fuck==theme of today’s workday [000]

in order to keep the space between us alive [000]

whenever i use squarespace i basically want to throttle something what a shitty clunky interface [000]

same with wordpress [000]

love is a murderer [000]

take me back to the east coast [000]

losing my shit [000]

oh for fuck’s sake [000]

to be at the vanguard [000]

just finished 2nd robert galbraith book + im grinning like an idiot in the quiet section of the public library [000]

‘mock blokeyness’ lol what a phrase [000]


it’s like, what are the minimum requirements for an architecture school, for a pop-up studio [000]

a printer. some minds. a set of speakers. a computer. open land. [000]

easy breezy this is life [000]

i fucking love schools [000]

work and play [000]

LOL meanwhile all i want to do is run because i’m so flipping happy [000]

i’d like to give you some words, i’m inspired to [000]

it’s a good monday! k town is interviewing with harvard! [000]

lol god help me [000]

feeling the heat // love the heat [000]

shitting my pants re: next quarterly [000]

being alive is a fatal condition [000]

manufactured motivation [000]

i wonder how much we each care anymore [000]

fuck the patriarchy [000]

remember how we used to talk about everything [000]

excuse me while i go post-rationalize my life [000]

the texture of a place [000]

oops almost forgot how juvenile men can be (correction: boys) [000]

LOL, fuck you too, fuck you too [000]

honest to god, idk what ‘fun’ is [000]

i want to start a design studio with angela [000]

relationship with art as a translation of power [000]

for some reason, it’s easy to imagine the budding architects of today as having families in the future. idk why. maybe bc architects design [000]

our homes, our lives, the way we create [000]

my world is miniscule rn [000]

i’m too accomodating
too kind
too quiet
too infuriated [000]

a textureless society [000]

easing back into east coast society [000]

honestly do not know what the next move should be [000]

‘From the basement studio of his London home’ [the DREAM] [000]

‘thank you for sharing too’ [000]

manhattan is tiny and trash [000]

i’m going to be blowing my income on a dysfunctional closet [000]


nyc housing is a fucking shit show [000]

haven’t been so frustrated and upset and enraged and pissed in years [000]

i’m being robbed [000]

a visual celebration [000]

‘This is the problem with being consumed by plans. They are schemes for which success can only mean cessation.’ [000]

practice over project [000]

it is literally pouring and i have never felt so full of joy [000]

form can precede spoken language [000]

is it possible for one symbol to represent infinite individualities? [000]

‘Life is long if you know how to use it.’ —Seneca [000]

NYC is poison (claire) [000]

creativity is a questioning of knowledge (enzo mari) [000]

there are loves that outlive lovers [000]

‘Up close, life is but life. At a little distance, life is fate.’ —jco [000]

you bloody fool, i’d like to say to your face [000]

mom and dad’s devotion to us is overwhelming to the point of tears, sobs [000]

i’m often sad [000]

i miss my desert friends [000]

do not get lost in the doldrums [000]

the goal for this week is to always be doing something [000]

i want to be more productive [000]


i am pretty financially STRESSED OUT [000]

‘do you want 120 posters on the human condition?’ why yes, yes i do!!! [000]

something is better than nothing [000]

eric on the instant pot: it looks like a bomb [000]

your devotion brings me to tears [000]

i just talked to ben goldman for two hours and i feel so energized, so enriched [000]

life is tedious [000]

‘silence is on the verge of extinction’ —gordon hempton [000]

thinking abt starting a tumblr [000]

who knew new york could feel carefree? [000]

literature soup [000]

“it’s good to get it done.” —des linden [000]

it’s absolutely pouring and dreary out this moday morn and i’m reminded of a glorious, soaking wet london i’ve never met [000]

claire is moving to seattle!!!!!!!!!!!! [000]

i miss the mountains [000]

everything is temporary [000]

new york thinks too highly of itself [000]

is this what they call a liberal bubble? [000]

ur resistance towards defining the space btwn us could be interpreted, by some, as a cop-out [000]

question received hierarchies of value [000]

why is everything a problem that needs to be solved [000]

the internet needs a depersonalization revolution [000]

marry me and go fuck yourself [000]

americans have it all wrong [000]

why tf is the ‘article’ the basic unit of measure + exchange these days? [000]

is my attention span a form of currency [000]

? [000]

i swear to god one day i will write a book it’ll explore the beauty and power of my family’s love and the falseness of yours [000]

today i had a hard time at work and i realized it was because i couldn’t stand the privileged banter about massages and well-being [000]

i miss golden hour in the desert which was like every hour lol time never moved it was always just there [000]

to have local ambitions [000]

Your thoughts emerge from the nothingness of silence. [000]

is it possible that new york is overrated? i think it’s possible. [000]

living is nothing if not maintenance [000]

secret dream 279: to work as a designer at nike and build better apple watch features [000]

truly nothing quite like ice-cold dhai on a sweating humid summer night [000]

i feel so shitty someone please just make it stop omg [000]

on drinking coffee: excuse me while i pour acid down my esophagus [000]

please god let me stop being so vicious [000]

note to self: get over yourself [000]

prolific day for silent tweeting at the office [000]

i miss being the me that was devoted to design [000]

grace, graciousness, gratitude [000]

throw yourself into the work again, please just do it [000]

deflated [000]

a heavy heart, one that weighs thousands of pounds [000]

at the end of the day, there is absolutely no one besides yourself [000]

i wish i could take back emails [000]

lol hipsterville [000]

the use value of a single human being [000]

i’m so tired [000]

friends aren’t therapists [000]

cats are tiny tigers that live in your house —lily [000]

probably but not definitely [000]

mediocrity abounds [000]

to stare with your ears [000]

that channel is a gift to humanity —tejash on NHK world [000]

i fucking LOVE philadelphia [000]

philadelphia is the best city i have ever experienced [000]

new york is all COMMERCIAL; philadelphia is all COMMUNITY [000]

wtf am i doing in life if not living in philly? [000]

philly puts me in inspired spirits EVERY SINGLE TIME [000]

i just want to make things man [000]

i miss using my hands [000]

also my brain [000]

sitting here on the floor at 10pm rendering pumpkins for the new yorker [000]

challenge: only visit beautiful websites [000]

in the early winter, listening to the songs of this summer they suddenly sound so hollow [000]

when does a person stop becoming? [000]

FREAKING OUT over lethal white omg [000]

actively warding away sadness the way we ward off the cold [000]

what ever happened to playing pretend? [000]

LOL it’s gonna snow today [000]

social media can go fuck itself [000]

and i can relocate to nowhere, switzerland [000]

loving is an ongoing practice [000]

out there, in the future [000]

the sense of happiness that comes from living in a wide, open space [000]

yesterday i bought a candle and new long johns in my war against seasonal depression [000]

things i dream about: beautiful bike rides [000]

gotta flail before you can fly [000]

running as self-medication [000]

pressure is good [000]

just ate a million peanuts to stop myself from shouting FUCK a million times over [000]

it’s OK if you never wind down too [000]

nothing like starting your morning by crossing two bridges by foot [000]

the muted trumpet makes my heart ache [000]

what is it about the act of making? [000]

liberal arts la la land [000]

half-thoughts [000]

practice makes practice [000]

scared to share anything that isn’t fully formed [000]

on running: grace and power [000]

basically just trying to live that ascetic lifestyle from this point out [000]

nothing brings me joy on a shit day like the sound of live blaring trumpets in my ears, hotly articulated [000]

democracy takes a while [000]

getting greedy with my pav bhaji [000]

no longer giving any fucks [000]

must soldier on [000]

confession: i want to go back to school [000]

confession: i want to do something more [000]

confession: i feel an inconsolable loss [000]

the world’s first novel was written by a japanese woman [000]

i’m about to give zero fucks about anything not directly related to Work—including you [000]

must be nice to lead a life in which you have a pal to call you a ‘theoryhead,’ dripping w/ endearment, someone to roll your eyes at w/ love [000]

editorial decision-making be damned [000]

kinda wondering when my heart will stop hesitating at the sight of your name in my inbox [000]

new singular goal: yale [000]


like, why is it that greatness is still an ideal to strive for? to convince myself there’s more to this story than reality suggests? [000]

giving zero fucks [000]

academia as sanctuary [000]

FUCK [000]

FUCK [000]

FUCK [000]

FUCK [000]

FUCK [000]

FUCK [000]

FUCK [000]

FUCK [000]

FUCK [000]

FUCK [000]

visibly distressed [000]

wave your white handkerchief, run for the ivory tower [000]

sweet dreams and samosa chaat [000]

artifacts of a life lived [000]

it feels like a friday but it most certainly is not [000]

i need to live my life [000]

some days my life feels like a series of failed conversations [000]

feel like i may not be living my life super well these days [000]

go do this thing or die trying [000]

god bless the invention of pulverized peanuts [000]

have you ever been swept off your feet by just beauty? [000]

yeah i’d love to be in a place where theory can question practice (or the other way around too) [000]


canon wars [000]

what would it mean to be a design historian? [000]

what would it mean to freeze time? [000]

would grad school help me be a better practitioner? [000]

what cloth am i cut from and what cloth am i cut for? [000]

career v. critique [000]

my relationship to social media / digital engagement is definitely problematic [000]

do i have the intellectual wherewithal for grad school / critical studies? [000]

also bc institutional backing means something in this world [000]

in which one sacrifices one’s time to make other people’s work [000]

how far should design go in the search for profit and efficiency and marketability? [000]

god help me be more productive [000]

these book objects as artifacts of feigned productivity [000]

i deal in aesthetics daily [000]

danielle just wrote again about school and said she missed me and my heart simply exploded [000]

it’s also like, let’s be real, w/o the structure of grad school, the space + time, it’s hard to find people willing to dive in with you— [000]

god bless jonathan z [000]

the liberal elite of graphic design? [000]

psychobabble. good name for a small zine, book or blog [000]

i would like to live a varied life [000]


surefire messes [000]

institutional incest [000]

the season is turning [000]

low visibility out today [000]

i’m not trying to be a production artist [000]

i miss the classroom [000]

i want the classroom [000]

i need the classroom [000]

i want an expanded practice [000]

first, really just a practice. [000]

‘the romance and mythology of the all-nighter’ —paul soulellis [000]

cultural shifts [000]

i used to be a prolific angry tweeter [000]

i possibly still am [000]

but perhaps also more measured? [000]

literally. [000]

‘a woman possessed’ [000]

eating pretzels and m+m’s at 2:47 pm on a weds, 28th of august, 2019 [000]

lol do i have any fucking agency at this place? [000]

quibbling over 4 pts in a poem, why do i even care at that point [000]

don’t kid yourself, you don’t know anything [000]

in another life im born in the highlands of east africa + my life revolves around the fwd movement of my body in space [000]

the word on the street is: IT’S ALL BASICALLY POINTLESS [000]

pomp + circumstance gets me every time [000]

i want to pull an agnes martin and move to the desert but i’m also a coward [000]

if you can cut through all the bullshit—then you’re golden [000]

status update: stressed + tired [000]

the heat of shame [000]

sometimes i want to blow my brains out with music [000]

sometimes i want to run myself into oblivion [000]

my world is small and i know nothing [000]

i think it’s knowledge that i find intimidating [000]

truth is the absolute defense [000]

i suppose i am susceptible to heartbreak [000]

it’s like, am i allowed to be aggressively concerned about you? is that an option in this contract? [000]

flip-flops in the fall remind me of princeton’s campus [000]

time is money [000]

agnes martin is my hero [000]

someone please explain to me, what is MERIT in ARTISTIC PRACTICE??? [000]

i feel as though i am exploding [000]

dreams of miso soup breakfasts are a bit too ambitious, but what else are dreams for! [000]

go ahead and be a crazy person [000]

specializing these days in narrow-mindedness as cultivated by this workplace environment [000]

honestly i need to start distributing ideas from my desk [000]

everything is temporary [000]

it is a leap year! [000]

communications take time [000]

if i one day disappear off the face of the earth, just look for me in japan [000]




“don’t be honest” ok sure welcome to adulthood where we hide our insecurities and hardships in the face of authority where shit comes out of [000]

your mouth that you don’t even mean where you can’t think in realtime where you can only think in realtime where you compartmentalize all [000]

out of all the ways humans could have chosen to structure their lives, i do have to step back and wonder, why this, how [000]

i feel like my heart is in a constant state of breaking, but the daily distraction of work and goals keeps the pain at bay [000]

nothing is ever finished [000]

and everything needs to be cultivated [000]

honest visual communication [000]

“cool looking” posters do not happen overnight, in fact, do you think that shit is EASY?? [000]

AOC's campaign posters had at least two professional designers behind them working more than two hrs a night. [000]

and i doubt they were this tired all the fucking time [000]

you can't just be an efficiency machine said azza [000]

hold your tongue [000]

brain-crack [000]

maybe you don't want your front door to open onto your bedroom [000]

hedonistic sustainability [000]

action and reaction [000]

to be undiscriminating in what you put your time towards [000]

a bridge turns into an art museum upside down [000]

surfing the web is just digging basically [000]

i’m a train about to derail [000]